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Welcome to Supreme Concrete! We take pride in offering our premium-grade 5000 PSI 3/8" RK 70/30 concrete mix, perfect for durable and long-lasting structures. Whether you're constructing a foundation, pavement, or any other project that requires strength and resilience, our concrete is the ultimate solution.

Our 5000 PSI 3/8" RK 70/30 mix is meticulously crafted using a precise blend of cement, aggregates, and additives, ensuring superior performance and strength. It surpasses industry standards for compressive strength, making it an excellent choice for high-stress areas like commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and infrastructure projects.

Order our 5000 PSI 3/8" RK 70/30 concrete mix swiftly and securely through our convenient online ordering system. Ignite your projects with enduring strength and secure excellence with Supreme Concrete today!