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Fast and reliable ready mix delivery is just a few clicks away. Buyers can get an instant, free quote for full or less than a truckload ready mix delivery. With advanced search capabilities and customizable options, customers simply enter the delivery address, review their cart and book - we do the rest!


To get a ready mix delivery for the date you need, start by entering your delivery address, desired cubic yards and any additional needs (such as a pumping service) into the search box for an instant quote. Once you have chosen all necessary filters, select which date and time you'd like to confirm the order, make payment and let us take care of the rest!


Supreme concrete has only one philosophy which is highest quality, best service and total satisfaction of customers after a job well done.

Attentive and responsible approach gives rise to positive emotions. This is what we strive to provide to our customers with a truly sincere and high-quality service. You trust us and we always do a little more to justify your trust.






Good to know

Good to know

- We receive the phone calls and respond to your e-mail right away!

- We pay close attention to all the details!


We produce and deliver ready-mixed concrete to any place in LA County. The production uses certified and passed through the input quality control of our laboratory components, which makes our products fully compliant with modern building standards and State regulations on concrete. Each production step is accompanied by compliance verification and certification.

We produce and deliver exactly what you ordered - there is no reduction in strength class, brand or volume substitution.


We try to satisfy any of our clients and try to exceed all your expectations. It is our policy to ensure that prices are consistent with any offer you may offer. We find it very specific that this is the only honest way of doing business.

Returning to us, you get:

Great service

Perfect blend quality

Field expertise for our clients

Competitive Prices For Quality service

WE strive to provide quality service at competative pricing

The whole set of special equipment


In order for the price for a cubic yard of concrete to be optimal, it is recommended:
To accurately calculate the required amount of the mixture;
To select the desired strength / grade.
To prepare a platform for the entrance and production of special equipment;
To adjust the feed interval to avoid downtime.
To avoid mistakes and unnecessary costs, before ordering ask all your questions with our experts.


Because we treat our customers honestly and in a fair way. Working with us, you can always be sure that the object will receive high-quality and subsequently durable concrete in the ordered amount.
Simultaneous delivery of large volumes from one or more plants are also available. The professionalism of the employees of Supreme Concrete allows you to avoid most of the problems in logistics and supply, as well as eliminate the reduction of the brand and the lack of a mixture.
Craftsmanship improves productivity, and careful inspection of all stages of production ensures the quality of all brands. Our regular customers are always satisfied with the cooperation with us! Join now!

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Ready Mix Concrete Delivery – Mix of features and benefits

To construct a house or a spaceport, a modern factory or a huge stadium - one cannot do without concrete. Concrete is the main construction material, indispensable in the construction industry, and Ready Mix Concrete Delivery is the most convenient way to get your order in time - guaranteed! The reliability of buildings and structures, and ultimately comfort and safety depend on its quality and composition, which is especially important in regions with increased seismic activity, such as Los Angeles.

Concrete has many "faces", because it plays different roles: today it is a foundation, tomorrow it is a floor slab or a staircase. Each role (and there are dozens of them!) has its own "face" - concrete grades, the choice of which is of great importance for constructors.

Have you decided to construct a house? You need to start with the usual - "pour" concrete foundation. Everything seems to be simple and clear. But it only seems. In practice, even this simple action requires special grades of concrete and its own technology, which will take into account the characteristics of the soil, climate, the load of the future home (do not forget to add the weight of residents and pets!) And much more can arise during the construction process.

And if we are talking about the constructing of a water dam, for example? Here you need a special hydraulic concrete - a special material that is used for the construction of buildings and structures that are in the water. Such material is completely protected from the destructive effects of water, and will last a very long time.

It should be noted that ordinary concrete in this situation will collapse and deform quite quickly, and if the water level and temperature change frequently, these speed up the process. To avoid all these troubles, hydraulic concrete was created.

Of course, special unique concrete grades are a relative rarity. Basically, our company and our clients work with Mix Concrete mortar, which is used in the construction of various objects. And it has different characteristics depending on what it is made for.

Ready Mix Concrete is made at the factory and delivered ready-made to the construction site. The main components of Ready Mix Concrete: cement, sand, crushed stone, water. The ratio of components is different. Often, plasticizers are added to such mix for better solidification. When preparing Mix Concrete at the factory, we control every stage, use special modern equipment under the supervision of qualified personnel. The secret of our ready-mixed concrete’s high quality is simple - compliance with the necessary production conditions:

  • - Fillers are cleaned of dirt and debris.
  • - The required temperature is maintained.
  • - The proportions of the components are observed.
  • - The fillers are of high quality.
  • - The order of adding components is observed.

Advantages of this concrete: uniform shrinkage, adding of plasticizers, absence of seams. Also a big plus is a more affordable price, which includes mixing and delivery. When buying such concrete, please, note that it cannot be transported over long distances.

Producing and delivering are two sides of the same medal of superior quality

Here we come to another important feature of our work - high-quality and fast delivery of concrete. As already mentioned, Mix Concrete is mixed right at the factory and delivered to the construction site by special vehicles.

For example, you ordered pizza, and they delivered it to you late and already cold. Annoying, but fixable, because pizza can be reheated. There is nothing to fix with the delivery of concrete mix. Late means loss - both in technology and in money.

In construction, time is always money. That is why we pay special attention to quality and timely delivery. To do this, we have all the necessary equipment at our disposal - modern concrete mixers, as well as gasoline pumps, which allow us to pump the mixture to a certain place or raise it to the desired height.

In our work, we take into account not only the mandatory requirements for the quality of concrete and its delivery, but also provide customers with the opportunity to maximize all the potential of concrete. With the progress of technology, these possibilities are constantly expanding. We constantly monitor innovations in the construction industry and help our clients to use them as efficiently as possible in their work.

For example, our client is constructing a covered or underground car parking and does not really like the boring gray concrete that we see with little joy at such facilities. We can make our life joyful and bright! Let's paint the concrete, and it is possible today.

Of course, ready mix concrete is a difficult material to paint. It absorbs moisture and dirt from the ground and air, it breathes and absorbs the coloring mixture. That's why concrete requires special paints that contain binders that contract and expand right along with the surface.

For concrete, different paints are used - acrylic, latex-based, epoxy, epoxy-acrylic. Their choice also depends on the construction object and its features. In our parking lot example, epoxy paints are the perfect choice. The epoxy provides a durable and strong surface that is resistant to oil, chemicals and pressure when a car is parked on the surface.

Epoxy concrete paints are usually more expensive than acrylics and are more difficult to apply than latex compositions. However, they offer the most durable surface and longest life.

Epoxy and latex concrete paints are self-leveling, so there is no need to worry about even paint distribution. Most epoxy concrete paints take 72 to 96 hours to fully harden, but you can usually walk on the surface in 24 hours.

We can talk about concrete endlessly, because it is many-sided and diverse. We know all its features, advantages and disadvantages, and therefore we feel confident in this important area of the construction market and are always ready to convey this confidence to our customers.