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Looking for top-notch concrete mix for your construction projects? Look no further than Supreme Concrete's 3500 PSI 3/8" RK 60/40. Our specially designed blend of cement, sand, and gravel offers unparalleled strength and performance, making it perfect for foundations, driveways, and versatile structures. With a high compressive strength of 3500 PSI, our mix can withstand heavy loads and resist cracking under pressure. Order online now and unleash the power of Supreme Concrete for your construction excellence! 

At Supreme Concrete, we understand the importance of having a reliable and durable concrete mix for all your construction needs. That's why we have developed our 3500 PSI 3/8" RK 60/40 blend to meet the highest standards of strength and performance. This mix is specifically designed to provide maximum support for heavy structures, making it ideal for commercial and residential projects alike.

But what exactly makes our concrete mix stand out? It's all in the ingredients. Our blend consists of high-quality cement, sand, and gravel carefully selected and proportioned to create the perfect balance of strength and workability. This ensures that your foundation or driveway will have a solid base that can withstand heavy loads without cracking or crumbling.