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Enhance your construction projects with Supreme Concrete's 2500 PSI 3/8" RK 60/40 ready-mix concrete. Tailored to meet the demands of LA County projects, this high-performance concrete mix is available online for your convenience.

Benefits of 2500 PSI 3/8" RK 60/40 Ready Mix Concrete:

  1. Versatile Strength (2500 PSI): Achieve optimal performance across various applications with the adaptable strength of 2500 PSI.

  2. Effortless Online Procurement: Simplify your construction journey by conveniently ordering this specialized concrete mix online.

  3. Concrete Calculator Precision: Utilize our advanced concrete calculator to eliminate guesswork, ensuring accurate quantity estimates and budget optimization.

  4. Expert Guidance and Support: Rely on our seasoned professionals for valuable insights and recommendations at every project stage.

Supreme Concrete Pumping Services:

In addition to reliable delivery, Supreme Concrete offers cutting-edge concrete pumping services. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond standard delivery methods, providing precise concrete placement even in challenging areas, ultimately saving you time and labor costs.


In conclusion, choose Supreme Concrete for hassle-free ready-mix concrete solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch products catering to both residential and commercial needs in LA County. In other words, with a dedication to customer satisfaction and innovative pumping services, Supreme Concrete is your preferred partner for construction projects. Therefore, order the 2500 PSI 3/8" RK 60/40 online today for a seamless and efficient construction experience.

2500 PSI 3/8" RK 60/40 Chart